Amalia restrepo-AGUIRRE

For me, illustrating is a way of understanding and connecting to my own reality. I recognize illustration as a universal language, where the meaning is not always on the surface, but the message is always there. The majority of my work is an exploration of extremes, testing how much I can push an image in terms of proportion, scale, unusual combinations, and sometimes nonsensical scenarios in order to deliver a message. I try to evoke dreams, magic, nostalgia, and a sense of strange familiarity, similar to the sense of returning to your childhood home, or a smell that transports you back in time.


  • Brightness Award, Experimental, 2019

  • Creative Quarterly 54, 2018

  • Creative Quarterly 53, 2018

  • 3x3 "Merit" Issue No.15, 2018

  • Latin American Ilustración 7 (Selected), 2018

  • Colombiamoda Design and Fashion Fair, Colombia, 2018

  • Exhibition, Oglethorpe Gallery, Savannah, 2018

  • Exhibition, Imagen Palabra, Perú, 2018

  • Exhibition, Kunst Gallery, Berlin, 2018

  • Exhibition, Port City, Savannah, 2018

  • Colombiatex Design and Textile Fair, Colombia, 2018

  • Anthology Yearbook SCAD, 2018

  • Red Dot Design Award, 2017

  • Latin American Ilustración 6 (Selected), 2017

  • Latin American Ilustración 6 (Chosen), 2017

  • Flamantes Libro de Jóvenes Artistas, 2017

  • Anthology Yearbook SCAD, 2017

  • Illustrious Catalogue, 2017

  • Honorable Mention, Artists' Book Competition, Savannah College of Art and Design, 2017

  • Perro de Plata Award, Colombia, 2017

  • Exhibition, Imagen Palabra, Bogotá, 2017

  • Exhibition, Imagen Palabra, Medellín, 2017

  • Exhibition, LaLaLeidis, Casa Santamaría Gallery, Bogotá, 2016

M.F.A Illustration (SCAD)

Clients Include: